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How to Solidify Green Peppers Without Blanching

Solidifying create could be a valuable method for protecting nourishment when it is in season and at crest readiness. Whereas it is common to blanch peppers earlier to solidifying them, it isn’t necessary to protect the green peppers’ surface or flavor. You’ll be able solidify green peppers without whitening them, and this strategy can be a tremendous time-saver. Keep cleaned, cut green peppers in your cooler to join into stir-fries, soups and other dishes.

Step 1

Center the peppers with a sharp chef’s cut. Dispose of or compost the stems, essence and seeds.

Step 2

Cut the peppers in half. For rings, cut the green peppers in half along the equator. For all other shapes, cut the peppers in half from north to south. Evacuate the white essence interior the peppers.

Step 3

Wash the peppers interior and out with cold running water. This will offer assistance expel any remaining seeds and free essence.

Step 4

Pat the peppers completely dry with a towel. Evacuate all overabundance dampness to anticipate cooler burn.

Step 5

Cut the peppers. This step is discretionary; in spite of the fact that solidified peppers can be cut after solidifying and earlier to utilize, it may be a small harder on the cut.

Step 6

Bundle the peppers crude in freezer-safe holders. Take off no purge space within the packaging. The discuss within the purge space will contribute to cooler burn.

Step 7

Solidify the peppers within the coldest portion of the cooler. This will protect crude, unblanched green peppers.

Things You’ll Require

  • Chef’s knife
  • Towel
  • Freezer-safe containers


Keep in mind to utilize the solidified green peppers. Solidified green peppers may involvement cooler burn inevitably; the trap is to utilize them up some time recently they gotten to be unpalatable.