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How to Marinate Deer Backstrap

Deer backstrap may be a choice cut from adjacent to the spine of the deer and is comparable to a pork loin. Regularly cut into steaks or strips, this incline venison meat is tailor-made for a marinade that tenderizes the meat whereas complementing its normal flavors. Since venison is sweeter than other meats, maintain a strategic distance from sugary marinades and do not marinate for more than 24 hours, or the deer meat will be more mush than perfect work of art.

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Step 1

Combine the marinade fluids and spaces into a little bowl and blend together completely. Great marinade choices will incorporate a shape of gentle vegetable corrosive to assist tenderize the meat, such as ruddy wine, vinegar, soy sauce, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce or French or Italian dressing. Include any extra wanted seasonings.

Step 2

Put the deer backstrap meat into a huge plastic, resealable nourishment capacity sack.

Step 3

Pour half of the marinade over the deer meat within the pack and save the other half in a lidded holder. Seal the pack firmly. Turn and knead the pack tenderly to form beyond any doubt the meat is totally coated with the marinade.

Step 4

Put the sack within the fridge for at slightest 4 hours, ideally overnight. Make beyond any doubt to moreover refrigerate the saved marinade.

Step 5

Expel the meat from the marinade sack. Barbecue or broil the backstrap steaks, and brush the saved marinade from the lidded holder over the meat whereas it is cooking.

Things You’ll Require

  • Marinade liquids
  • Seasonings (optional)
  • Expansive plastic, resealable nourishment capacity bag
  • Little lidded container


Indeed in spite of the fact that it includes a tall sugar substance, you’ll utilize cola to neutralize the wild gamey taste of the backstrap steaks by submerging the meat within the pop. An elective marinade that will moreover do the work is to splash the meat in a marinade of drain or buttermilk, dark pepper and new garlic.

Vegetables can be marinated nearby the meat within the sack and utilized for kabobs or stir-fries.