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How to Fill a Punching Bag

The punching pack, or overwhelming pack, could be a staple of anyone training for boxing or military expressions. You’ll be able buy overwhelming sacks that come pre-filled, but it can be much cheaper to buy an purge pack and fill it yourself. This way, you’ll be able fill it with anything you crave, such as texture, cloth, sand, rice and water — the materials most commonly utilized for the reason.

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Filling Your Overwhelming Pack

Step 1

Buy your pack from a sporting-goods store or an internet retailer. Purchase a sack made of high-quality vinyl, canvas or calfskin, that will withstand a long time of manhandle.

Step 2

Buy the stuffing for your pack. Overwhelming packs regularly come with up to three inches of froth cushioning; the sum of cushioning will decide how much stuffing you’ll require. You’ll be able cut up ancient clothing or purchase scraps from a clothing producer.

Step 3

Weigh down the center of your sack by filling a barrel, such as PVC channeling or a cardboard tube, with rice or sand.

Step 4

Fill the rest of the sack with the stuffing of your choice. In the event that you’re utilizing cloth, include the cloth in indeed layers, weighing it down each couple of layers. Make beyond any doubt the cloth is stuffed equitably all the way to the sides, as that’s where you may be striking the sack.

Step 5

Seal the center tube and bind up the sack. You’ll presently be able to hang and utilize the overwhelming sack.

Things You’ll Require

  • Empty barrel, such as PVC pipe
  • Sand or rice
  • Cloth
  • Weight


Inquire about precisely what you need in a sack. Go to sporting-goods stores and see what you favor some time recently acquiring and filling a sack on your claim.


Don’t use a pack that’s as well overwhelming for you. You’ll have a much higher chance of bruising your wrists and breaking your hands.